Your Energy is Immense.

Your Potential is Limitless.

Embrace You.

Reaca Pearl, MA LPC

 Gender Identity & Trauma Therapist

Mindfulness & Empowerment Coach

Reiki Master & Instructor

*All services offered Online & In-Person*


Helping women & gender non-binary folx live their best lives.



  • A safe place for gender identity exploration and questioning;
  • Relief from PTSD symptoms (EMDR available);
  • Trauma resolution (sexual assault, rape, incest, abuse, identity threat);
  • Relief from anxiety & depression;
  • Behavioral health release for gender transition medical interventions; and
  • Even when you’re not in crisis & a place to process where you don’t feel obligated to explain your identity.


  • Realize your full potential;
  • Clarify your life purpose;
  • Let go of limiting beliefs;
  • Establish a centering, mindfulness-awareness practice;
  • Connect to your authentic self; and
  • Take immediate action to live your unique life aligned with your true self, core values and desires.


  • Connect to universal energy;
  • Find your light;
  • Free your inherent power; to
  • Heal yourself.

I am a therapist-activist, inclusiveness speaker & mindful-empowerment coach.

My mission is engaging & inspiring humanity to embrace our limitless potential for:

  • equality & justice, 
  • peace & love,
  • healing & growth.


  • education;
  • heart-centered activism;
  • direct therapeutic; &
  • coaching services.



Please let me know how I can best serve you & your unique mission.

I’m so glad you’re here.