Reaca Pearl, MA LPC RYT (they/them/their)

Resolve and go beyond the trauma that prevents you from loving the skin you live in.

  • A safe place for gender identity exploration and questioning;
  • Relief from PTSD symptoms (EMDR available);
  • Navigating the ongoing traumatic experiences of institutionalized & systemic racism, transphobia, (trans)misogyny, homophobia, & xenophobia. 
  • Trauma resolution (sexual assault, rape, incest, abuse, identity threat);
  • Relief from anxiety & depression;
  • Behavioral health release for gender affirmation medical interventions; and
  • Even when you’re not in crisis~ a place to process where who you are is accepted fully.

Release the old stories that are running you and step into your authentic life.

  • Realize your full potential;
  • Clarify your life purpose;
  • Let go of limiting beliefs;
  • Establish a centering, mindfulness-awareness practice;
  • Connect to your authentic self; and
  • Take immediate action to live your unique life aligned with your true self, core values and desires.

Keynotes, inclusiveness training for universities, corporations, small businesses.

Trauma is held in the body~ so it makes sense that we’d have to experience our bodies to fully heal trauma.

As a complimentary or as a stand-alone practice, Reaca offers the following holistic healing options for folx ready to take their healing process to the deepest levels.

  • Private, or small group, Trauma-Informed Yoga instruction;
  • Reiki Body Work
  • Mindfulness~Awareness Practice


You know what I love?

Connection. All sorts of connection.

I love connecting to people, helping people connect to each other and – above all – helping people connect to themselves. Continue reading “Connection”

Work With Me

Humans are brilliant.

We all have the answers to our own healing within. Sometimes we just need a little help listening for those answers.

Coaching and psychotherapy are closely related. But they are not the same. So… What’s the difference?

I’d like to help you take your next step.

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Transformational Psychotherapy

Be Present And Thrive.

It is a revolutionary act to exist in a world that has actively tried to suppress your existence.

Therefore, therapy ~ the process by which you regain or find for the first time self-love, freedom from trauma, and inner peace ~ is itself activism.

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Holistic Healing

We’re not one-dimensional human beings. We don’t live our lives in one-dimensional realities.

Our healing practices should reflect that.

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