Why Shouldn’t I Keep Ignoring My Problems?

Well, the simple answer is: maybe you should keep ignoring your problems.

If you had an immediate reaction to that statement then maybe you shouldn’t keep ignoring your problems.

Therapy takes work. If you’re not ready for that, it’s okay. But if you are ready to deal with that unresolved trauma, get to the bottom of your anxiety, get support in a messed up world or simply figure out how to be happy then maybe you are ready.


What’s in a name?

I’ve been seeing a lot on social media and feminist sites lately about why women who marry men choose to take or not to take their husband’s last names. It’s a subject that garners much attention and everyone seems to have an opinion on it, whether or not they are the name-changing/not-changing woman in question. I do have an opinion on it, but I think personal stories are always more powerful than opinions. So I decided to share mine. Continue reading “What’s in a name?”

Penn State~ Kappa Delta Rho~ Woman as Non-Person

There is so much wrong with the Penn State frat-bro’s logic I don’t even know where to begin. He debates the ethics of the kid who “snitched” but never comments on the ethics of taking and sharing non-consensual photos of a naked woman. He touts concern for the “ruined lives” of frat-bros who get caught (because according to him they are ALL doing it now and throughout time) but no mention of the women in these situations as having lives at all let alone concern for the ruining of said lives.

In his eyes, men are people with lives and reputations and women pawns for “funny” harmless humor between frat-bros. Its as though he honestly doesn’t realize that these women are independent, sentient, conscious beings. The only way for the behavior he is defending to not be malicious is if women aren’t people.

This is important because he is not alone. This mindset is prolifically, frighteningly normal.

This is rape culture.

From “ending rape culture” to “creating a culture of consent”

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately on what it means to move toward a culture of consent. Since becoming more vocal about my consciousness shift from “ending rape culture” to “creating a culture of consent” there has been some curiosity amongst my peers about what exactly this means. How is it different? And who will be ending rape culture while I’m creating a culture of consent. Continue reading “From “ending rape culture” to “creating a culture of consent””

The Journey to Launching My Business Online. Part 3.

I decided that this was a message that needed to be spread. I believe that people in line with their true and soulful self do not regress to violence or the “power-over” oppressive mentality. In a hierarchy of healing trauma, both on a macro (universal) and micro (individual) level, listening to your essential self and aligning your life’s work with the work that moves you is what will relieve discord – both personal and global – and create harmony. Continue reading “The Journey to Launching My Business Online. Part 3.”

The Journey to Launching My Business Online. Part 2.

A review of Jen Sincero’s You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life book and coaching group.


I. Devoured. This. Book.

She had all the messages that made sense from the oldies and none of the confusing and oppressive roots. She had just enough edge to make me want to buy her a drink, and just enough heart to make me trust her. I had never before heard of online coaching, but about 3/4 of the way through the book – while on retreat in the middle of nowhere New Mexico with my partner’s family – I was overcome with the need to find her. During the 3 hours we were allowed to use the solar-powered satellite internet I found Jen Sincero’s website and discovered the You Are a Badass Coaching course was starting the following month. I didn’t even know what that meant but I was determined to do it. Continue reading “The Journey to Launching My Business Online. Part 2.”

The Journey to Launching My Business Online. Part 1.

Because I suppose I can start anywhere I’ll start here:

Honestly, I never even thought about having a significant online presence until the end of 2014. I had a website that I created on my MacBook Pro when I first hung up my private practice shingle in 2010 because everyone said I should. But I never updated it, and it was certainly not interactive in any way. At some point, Pearl Healing, LLC, stopped accepting new clients and I let my website lapse because who needed a website when I wasn’t promoting my services? Through a long and winding series of events, I started delving into the world of personal development.

Continue reading “The Journey to Launching My Business Online. Part 1.”