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Hey, you! This blog can get super personal and a bit political. If you are a therapeutic client please use your best self-care tools, judgment and gut-sense to be sure reading it is helpful and not hurtful to your therapeutic process. For example, if there are personal things you could find out about your therapist that would make your therapy less helpful or effective consider not reading this blog.

Therapy vs. Coaching on GoodTherapy

Posted on: 04/14/2017

There are important differences between therapy and life coaching, but there can be some overlap, too. Here are some considerations for people looking for help.

This Week At Romper: I met Julia from Sesame Street, talked about social justice parenting, consent and more!

Posted on: 04/12/2017

Per usual, my disclaimer stands: if you are a therapeutic client please use your self-care and coping skills to sit with whether knowing personal details about me will harm or help your therapeutic process. And proceed with self-love and caution.

See my author page on Romper for these stories and more…

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Attending To Yourself With Kind Presence

Posted on:

One of the things I spend most time with clients of therapy, coaching, and reiki alike is on developing the non-judgmental attending presence with themselves. That is the stuff that heals.

Tara Brach offers a free meditation on kind presence. Check it out.

Gender Therapist on

Posted on: 03/31/2017

A gender specialist may be helpful to trans people seeking knowledgeable counselors, even when their presenting concerns are unrelated to gender identity.

Go to the Good Therapy blog for the full article.

What is EMDR?

Posted on: 03/06/2017

Folx are always asking for EMDR, but always curious about what it is.

Is it a magic-miracle-maker?! Not quite. But it can be an extremely effective trauma resolution tool.

Reaca Is On Romper!

Posted on:

I am so excited to officially announce I have accepted a position as a shift writer for Romper!

I am doing feminist-parenting-identity writing so the reality is that it will all be very personal. So, as usual, therapeutic clients read at your own risk, only if you decide that knowing personal details is helpful rather than hurtful about your therapist.

In my first 1.5 weeks I took on trans kids, autism and the GOP. Access my writer’s profile (and all articles) here:

Reaca Pearl is on Romper!

Why Shouldn’t I Keep Ignoring My Problems?

Posted on: 12/07/2016

Well, the simple answer is: maybe you should keep ignoring your problems.

If you had an immediate reaction to that statement then maybe you shouldn’t keep ignoring your problems.

Therapy takes work. If you’re not ready for that, it’s okay. But if you are ready to deal with that unresolved trauma, get to the bottom of your anxiety, get support in a messed up world or simply figure out how to be happy then maybe you are ready.