Before my work with Reaca, I had never been part of a relationship that was purely non-judgmental and unconditionally accepting. She’s taken me so far in my therapeutic work, but she has also helped me to realize that I am worth respect, love, and healing. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Reaca’s unfading support. –Therapy Client

I came to Reaca deeply entrenched in my own struggle to overcome post-traumatic stress symptoms and my own history of trauma. I firmly believe that I couldn’t find a better trauma therapist than Reaca- she understands the implications of trauma, knows the delicate balance between loving support and firm, productive guidance, and has a unique ability to relate and connect with insight and empathy. I’ll be forever grateful that she has walked with me through the process of healing. –Therapy Client

My work with Reaca has been so much more than recovery from trauma. She possesses a unique ability to shine light into areas of my life that I’m unaware of, and she knows when to push and when to stand back. As a result of our work, I know myself better, I know what I need in order to function well in life, and I have been able to develop healthy relationships. Before my work with Reaca, I was functioning; today, I am thriving. I’m so grateful. –Therapy Client

Reaca is a brave warrior for the protection and advancement of sexual assault survivors, and her passion and energy shines in every therapy session. I feel peace that she is working to prevent violence and support survivors in the Denver area- she’s a force to be reckoned with. –Therapy Client


Over the past year, Reaca has helped me reframe my thought process, asking me how I can reword that sentence to speak truth into the Universe and see myself doing the things I want to accomplish. Now I can catch my own words as they come and reframe them. Reaca believed in me before I believed in myself which gave me the confidence and desire to continue forward. I love Reaca’s persona, she’s honest, passionate and drives me in a way that I have not experienced with anyone else. Working with Reaca has been something I look forward to and can’t wait to see what’s next! – Kaete S. – Texas