The Journey to Launching My Business Online. Part 1.

February 18, 2015

Because I suppose I can start anywhere I’ll start here:

Honestly, I never even thought about having a significant online presence until the end of 2014. I had a website that I created on my MacBook Pro when I first hung up my private practice shingle in 2010 because everyone said I should. But I never updated it, and it was certainly not interactive in any way. At some point, Pearl Healing, LLC, stopped accepting new clients and I let my website lapse because who needed a website when I wasn’t promoting my services? Through a long and winding series of events, I started delving into the world of personal development.

As a highly specialized and dedicated trauma therapist I really had an elitist attitude about the whole world of personal development and positive psychology. Perhaps because one dear friend I regarded very highly and had been through a tremendous amount of spiritual, emotional and consciousness upheaval with was finding so much value in this world I decided to give it a serious shot. What I found was a world of workable strategies and research that, when applied, was actually making a significant difference in real people’s lives. I had some question about how applicable these tenants could be to survivors of sexual trauma, and was interested in exploring further (more on this later, I’m sure).

Something just wasn’t making the final leap from

“Hmmm, there’s some good stuff here,” to

“My heart is open, expansive and this is life-changing”. In fact, the further study I did the more uncomfortable I became (and not in a “yummy, I’m pushing my edge and growing” kind of way).

I tried to meld the words of classic power of attraction teachers like Napolean Hill – and other “life hacks” way before TED Life Hacks existed – into something that was fully useable for me: a wildly passionate and convicted sexual trauma survivor advocate and bliss-seeker*. But… The truth was that I couldn’t make their words apply to people who needed to re-learn how to trust the world. And I couldn’t make their words apply to me, somebody who does not think life balance is a bad word and does not hold the personal acquisition of a life of privilege above deconstructing oppression. I was only able to be limitedly successful in following the Dalai Lama’s sage advice regarding learning from any teacher: take what makes sense to you and leave the rest.

Amidst the confusion and conflict of needing to pay the bills but wanting to spend the majority of my life doing what I was meant to do; Wanting more time and space for myself and my family, and more energy for transforming my private therapeutic practice into a holistic wilderness retreat center for survivors of sexual trauma entered Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.You Are a Badass… to be continued…






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