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Own Your Awesome ~~ A 5 Day Freebie in Wisdom, Healing, Passion, Action & Showing Up for yourself

Seekers and dreamers! What happens if you show up for yourself and your life completely?

I probably don’t have to tell you that as humankind we continue to be challenged by our lack of CONNECTION to one another. Remarkably, many people appear blissfully unaware of this cocoon of technology and busy-ness. Others of us CRAVE that connection we’re missing, even if we’re not quite sure what that means yet.

Here’s the scary and unimaginably freeing part, my friends: the first step in recognizing and releasing ourselves from the cocoon of disconnection is getting connected to our TRUE CORE SELF.  


There are phenomenal coaching resources out there on creating health, wealth and increased efficacy in business. In fact, I have worked with a handful of kickass ladies without whose brilliance my path would have been much less clear.

But be prepared. This is not just another coaching program.

The 5-day Own Your Awesome challenge will GUIDE you step-by-step in:

  • identifying your negative cognitions (or the junk in your head that makes you feel like you’re looking at life through gray-coloured glasses);
  • help you kick those nasty messages we all swallowed whole that continue to hold us back to the curb
  • while developing a consistent and intentional practice of witnessing when you’re word-beating the shit out of yourself (translation: make it stay gone).

All while you go on an exploration of self to the very center of your being; to the core of who you are; the you that you always dreamed you’d be; the you that’s still that you deep inside, yearning, begging and sometimes clawing to get out.

This challenge, when fully accepted, is designed to connect you to what you already know and remember who you truly are.

Letting this you out opens up:

  • your heart for love (as in finding a soul mate),
  • your mind for productivity (as in everything you’ve ever imagined achieving in business and life becomes presently possible – whether it’s gobs of the green stuff or traveling the world, or creating a sustainable living community)
  • and your spirit for peace.

Because we are all unique and courageous individuals with stories to tell and purposes to fulfill. We are only here for a short time while hurtling through space on this big rock we call Earth. So fuck it:


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