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My individual and group work as a coach and therapist is always informed by the evidence-based belief that we brilliant humans have the inherent ability to heal our psychological wounds, grow and create that which we yearn for.

The process toward embracing one’s unique path and fully embodying one’s own life begins with presence with one’s self, then with others; flows through to acceptance of self, then of others; and continues to move toward compassionate and inspired action. We all start where we are so the specific details of the story depends upon you.

I offer online individual coaching, group courses and, for residents of Colorado, in-person and virtual transformational psychotherapy services (with specialties in sexual trauma, and gender identity). Research tells us that online therapy is as effective, and in some cases more effective, than in-person sessions. Read Breakthrough’s White Paper here.

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Coaching and psychotherapy are closely related, complimentary services. However, coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy especially in cases of mental health crisis, psychotic symptoms, and suicidality.

If you’re unsure which path is right for you please feel free to contact me with your specific goal or question.

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Life Coaching

You may be ready for the Empowerment or Mindfulness Coaching if you enjoy challenging yourself to be the best version of you possible and:

  • are self-motivated
  • are ready to fully embrace your life’s purpose
  • are ready for a deeper connection to self and others
  • are ready for next level spiritual, emotional, and purposeful growth
  • have reliable internet access and thrive in self-directed learning environments.

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Transformational Psychotherapy

You may be ready for Transformational psychotherapy if you live in Colorado and any of the following applies to you.


  • are ready to strengthen adaptive coping skills
  • are ready to learn how to be present-centered in your body after traumatic experiences
  • are questioning your gender, or aspects of, your gender identity
  • are seeking support related to an aspect of gender transition (including letters of support for transition-related services)
  • are struggling with PTSD or other trauma-related disorders
  • are struggling with reclaiming healthy sexuality
  • have survived and are ready to process unresolved sexual trauma
  • are struggling with co-occurring mental health diagnoses and sexual trauma.
  • **Due to licensure requirements you must live in Colorado for these services; however virtual sessions are available.

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