Gender Identity

Exploring and supporting your personal expression of and relationship to gender.

One of the big lies our society tells us is that there is a gender binary. Ha.

If you’re on this page chances are you’re either beginning to question that story-line or you’ve already busted through it and are looking for a supportive therapeutic environment.

Everyone has the right to live autonomously and at peace within their own bodies.

My primary mission in life, both personally and professionally, is to support each person I come into contact with in fully embodying their true, core self and that would be sorely deficient if it didn’t include gender identity.

I’m also very aware that access to gender specialists in some areas is impossible which is why I practice psychotherapy both in-person and virtually, as long as you are physically located in Colorado.

Some of the things we can talk about are:

    • any therapeutic issues! You just don’t want your gender identity to be pathologized;
    • exploring your relationship to your gender expression/identity;
    • pursuing medical interventions that require psychotherapeutic input and/or letters of support*;
    • hourly case management** services to navigate insurance benefits, claims, and accessing trans-inclusive resources/providers (you do not need to be in CO for case management services).

I always offer an initial 30-minute consultation for free to make sure we’re a good fit.

Beginning Paperwork

*Requirements vary by intervention and insurance plan.

**I have more than 5 years’ experience navigating within managed care systems which, we all know, can cause major headaches and after hours on the phone even more confusion. I’m fluent in insurance jargon, so let me be your middle-person and cut through the red tape to find the answers you need in relation to trans-inclusive care and access.

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