Sexual Trauma

Sexual Trauma includes many things, including ~ but certainly not limited to ~ Rape, Incest, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment.

As a therapist, I’ve found that healing from sexual trauma looks different for every person.

What That Means For You

We will spend the first 1-4 sessions clarifying what *you* want out of therapy, what successful therapy looks like to you, and how I can best help you reach your goals. Therapy isn’t the “expert” telling the “patient” what to do to feel better. On the contrary, it’s a close collaboration between you and your therapist that includes all aspects of your life.

What Is My Therapeutic Orientation?

  1. Healing from sexual trauma does not end when PTSD symptoms are gone;
  2. Powerful healing takes place within community & through connection;
  3. Healing is a life-long journey, that looks differently depending on where you are in your life and healing journey;
  4. Just as trauma impacts each part of our lives, our identity and our development so must the healing of that trauma address all aspects of ourselves;
  5. You already have what you need to heal, I just help you uncover your own answers and healing potential.

In-Person Vs. Virtual Therapy

Some trauma therapy is best completed in person. However, it is not an absolute requirement for powerful healing work. I currently offer individual, in-person trauma therapy in Golden, Colorado and virtual sessions for anyone physically located in Colorado.

You choose if we’re a good fit.

Research tells us that the thing that most impacts the effectiveness of therapy is the relationship between you (the client) and your therapist. I offer free 15-minute consultations to help you decide if I’m a good fit for you.

Please contact, call or email to schedule~ (303) 260-9540 ~

What is a safe place?

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