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Humans are brilliant.

We all have the answers to our own healing within. Sometimes we just need a little help listening for those answers.

Coaching and psychotherapy are closely related. But they are not the same. So… What’s the difference?

I’d like to help you take your next step.

Schedule your FREE 15-minute phone consultation with me today to decide what your next step is.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the ways you can work with me…

As a Transformational Psychotherapist I help Colorado folx:

  • heal unresolved wounds;
  • manage chronic mental health conditions such as depression, PTSD, and C-PTSD;
  • navigate the chronic stress and trauma caused by systems of oppression; and
  • find a way to thrive in an unwelcoming world of systemic oppression and institutionalized racism, sexism, cissexism, and heteronormativity.

As a Mindful-Empowerment Coach I help folx anywhere:

  • focus on mindful expansion & self-growth;
  • conquer the bullshit storylines that are running (and ruining) your life;
  • identify and listen to your True Core Self; and
  • create your unique ideal of the dream life.

As an Inner Power Yoga (Hatha) Yoga Instructor I:

  • offer private Hatha yoga instruction with transformational psychotherapy for trauma resolution, and a deeper connection to your True Core Self;
  • integrate yoga principles throughout mindful-empowerment coaching; and
  • help individuals or groups deepen their yoga practice as a stand alone service.

As a Reiki Master & Instructor I help folx anywhere:

  • connect to the source energy within;
  • enliven your own personal power to heal yourself; and
  • attune Reiki students; and
  • mentor Reiki students to practitioners.

As a Speaker & Trainer I will: 

  • provide an engaging and growth-focused learning environment for your small business, corporate office, or university;
  • customize the presentation outcomes for your specific needs and audience; and
  • fill the room with charisma and humor to delve into difficult subject matter in a way that helps all present feel safe and free to learn.


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