Reiki is a simple idea with complex outcomes.

The Reiki practitioner uses the recipient’s own connection to Source Energy. Acting as a conduit for the universal light, I will set the intention to allow the light to direct itself for your highest well-being.

I found Reiki as a skeptic.

I was 12 weeks pregnant with an at-risk pregnancy and was forbidden from attending yoga teacher training. But I needed something ~anything~ to keep my hands and mind busy.

Enter Reiki.

Reiki is a simple idea with potentially complex outcomes.

The Reiki master acts as a conduit for the light or energy that we are all already connected to. Reiki is a setting of intention that directs that light to wherever in the body, mind, or spirit the recipient needs it most to go.

This powerful art form can be done hands off or hands on; in person or virtually. You have to experience it to truly understand its power.

  • Individual, in-person sessions (40-55 minutes) start at $90 (packages available)
  • Virtual sessions start at $60 (packages available)

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I studied virtually with Lisa Powers to become a Usui Ryoho Shinpinden Reiki Master & Teacher in February 2016.